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Bag-in-box is composed of a Bag with a liquid outlet device and a corrugated carton outside. Compared with traditional forms of packaging, boxes bags has a long shelf life (box of wine, fruit juice can be kept bag sealed 2-3 years, after opening can save 2 months), better avoid light and oxygen resistance performance, with very few materials and can recycle, can be on the same filling equipment processing a variety of specifications of the products, Suitable for aseptic/non-aseptic/cold filling/hot filling and other processing processes, can improve storage and transportation efficiency. The application of bag in box in food field is expanding, but because of the direct contact with liquid food, its safety directly affects the safety of food, which is also one of the key quality control points of liquid food production enterprises.


Inner bag quality inspection

Liquid food manufacturers will carefully test the quality of the inner bag and outer box when purchasing the bag in the box, and will ask for the test report when purchasing. Before use, the factory quality inspection will further carry out safety testing, the test is qualified, can proceed to the next food packaging process.

1. Air resistance performance test of inner bag

Gas resistance refers to the barrier effect of BIB packaging material on oxygen. Gas resistance is an important factor affecting the quality of products in the shelf life, and it is also an important reference to analyze the shelf life.

If the BIB packaging material has poor gas resistance, it will lead to oxidation and deterioration of the content due to sensitivity to oxygen. Gas resistance is measured by the amount of gas through the material.


2. Inner bag sealing performance test

Sealing performance refers to the reliability of BIB packaging seal, through the test can ensure the integrity of the whole product packaging seal, prevent the product sealing performance is not good, resulting in leakage, pollution, deterioration and other problems.

There are many methods of sealing performance test, the most commonly used method is to use the sealing test instrument, using visual method, mainly observe the test sample recovery. If you want to quantitatively test the sealing and leakage performance of BIB packaging, you can use the principle of positive pressure sealing performance test equipment.

Of course, after ensuring that the gas resistance performance and sealing performance of BIB packaging are qualified, it is also necessary to control some other indicators such as sealing strength and tensile performance to ensure the shelf life and adaptability of its contents.

Post time: Oct-25-2021